Route Canal Arts believe in creative partnerships with a commitment to working with people through the arts to make a real difference to their lives. We strive to deliver high quality art projects using sustainable and recycled resources through creative thinking to engage and inspire the people we work with.

We’re a ‘not for profit’ arts organisation and love looking into opportunities to innovate and originate brilliant ideas to create art, art projects and events for Business, Local Communities and Schools and Colleges.

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Committed to the carnival arts Simon and Route Canal Arts have worked hard to achieve a level of skill and knowledge that is matched by a clear commitment to working with people and passing on the skills.

Brewing UP, An Inspire mark project – 2009 to 2012

Entertaining visitors and corporates at the Olympic park 27 July 2012. A national street touring performance piece, public intervention, incorperating a series of school and community workshops.

 “If making tea was an Olympic sport, what qualities would you need to make the perfect cup?”

Pax Nindi said ‘A few years ago, I was involved in assisting a group of very talented artists to be an arts organisation of which Simon was one of the artists. Since then, the group is now a well-established and respected Arts organisation which I am aware Simon played a key role in its development.

I never seize to be amazed by his artistic drive, attention to detail and most all his relaxed approach to delivery of any commission he gets – big or small.

Simon has the power to inspire all those around him and is respected in the sector. I will always support his endeavours and will commission him anytime I have a project that needs him’.

Pax Nindi FRSA

Chief Executive at Global Carnivalz, January 2017

Route Canal Arts has a wealth of experience engaging the young and old in creative learning, making amazing art accessible and participatory using recycled materials.

The Gallery currently has a few films about our winter work.


We are Local, National and truly International

Route Canal Arts is community artist and entrepreneur Simon Tipping, focusing on art in business, educational and family learning settings. Over the past 35 years Simon has worked regularly and extensively across business, schools and communities in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Oxfordshire, London, Northamptonshire, and Somerset as a freelance artist, in partnership with other fellow artists or Arts organizations or as Route Canal Arts.

Route canal arts is a specialist in the Outdoor arts of carnival, carnival costumes, light installations, lantern parades using sustainable and recycled materials. From: making to workshops, fundraising to event management, skill share to training, young and old, businesses to schools & colleges.

The Covid Midnight Robber

The Covid Midnight Robber commissioned by Northampton Carnival Arts Consortium and EMCCAN (East Midlands Caribbean Carnival Arts Network) A 2020 Lockdown project.

The Midnight Robber” a traditional “Bad Man” character in Trinidad Carnival who dresses in all black decorated with skulls. He is known for his long eloquent speeches as the Carnival griot or storyteller.

Simon Tipping is an outstanding UK carnival artist who has been working closely with Northampton Carnival and Emccan. He specialises in using natural materials and making excellent, environmentally friendly artistic creations. His costumes are amazing and have been part of the Emccan lockdown commissions, window displays and performances between lockdown. He has a long track record in carnival arts and is very well respected around the UK. He presented at the Greener Carnival Conference in March 2020 prior to the first lockdown, in Bristol.

Donna Fox, Director – EMCCAN


Simon Tipping – Freelance Artist

specialising in carnival arts, community lanterns, light installations, using sustainable & recycled materials. Access to creative and cultural experiences CONTENT Simon Tipping – What has he done? The Covid Midnight Robber The Covid Midnight Robber – 60 St Giles Street Brewing UP – An Olympic 2012 Inspire mark project with Festive Road CIC Recycling a …

Towards a Greener Carnival – Paint Recipes

Since 2019 Route Canal Arts and Simon Tipping has been developing a sustainable ethos in the materials, we use to create carnival costume and large processional sculptures. Mainly looking at the possibilities of eliminating or reducing the amount of petroleum-based materials used in the carnival sector. How to make Paint for carnival &art projects for …


Let’s work together 

If there’s something which sparks your interest and you want to find out more, our team would be delighted to hear from you.

Get in touch with Simon Tipping the creative director – mobile: 07977142498 or email: simon@routecanalarts.org.uk