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Committed to the carnival arts Simon and Route Canal Arts have worked hard to achieve a level of skill and knowledge that is matched by a clear commitment to working with people and passing on the skills.

Brewing UP, An Inspire mark project – 2009 to 2012

Entertaining visitors and corporates at the Olympic park 27 July 2012. A national street touring performance piece, public intervention, incorperating a series of school and community workshops.

 “If making tea was an Olympic sport, what qualities would you need to make the perfect cup?”

Pax Nindi said ‘A few years ago, I was involved in assisting a group of very talented artists to be an arts organisation of which Simon was one of the artists. Since then, the group is now a well-established and respected Arts organisation which I am aware Simon played a key role in its development.

I never seize to be amazed by his artistic drive, attention to detail and most all his relaxed approach to delivery of any commission he gets – big or small.

Simon has the power to inspire all those around him and is respected in the sector. I will always support his endeavours and will commission him anytime I have a project that needs him’.

Pax Nindi FRSA

Chief Executive at Global Carnivalz, January 2017

Route Canal Arts has a wealth of experience engaging the young and old in creative learning, making amazing art accessible and participatory using recycled materials.

The Gallery currently has a few films about our winter work.